The Year of the Boat: Beauty, Imperfections, and the Art of Doing It Yourself

For 3 years, we've asked artists to define California desert beauty. These are their stories
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I've had both moderate and extremely heavy periods where I couldn't even get dressed. No way around it.

And, like I said, if our periods aren't a flaw like a stretch mark may be to some , then why are they a part of an exhibit that is "celebrating our flaws"??? PCOS with dysmenorrhea here, and I actually did always feel "unclean" because of my period, until I was in my late 20s and finally got treatment for it. Something to do with sticky nastiness all over my lower half just makes me feel gross. So a personal conclusion that "periods are gross" is not unjustifiable. I'm glad you don't, but other women do, and it's not always from "social pressure.

Funny thing Lisette im in a similar boat as you, I get extremely sick with mine my iron drops and i have to stay in bed I have the worst periods ever, like I got injection for pain, I get migraine too I don't know why you people in first world that is rich have problem with society and problem with man and periods but here in my developing country we don't have such problems, my father and my boyfriend and now my husband buys pads for me and it is not a problem at all The disgusting part is correct in my eyes, so is the diarrhea I wouldn't clam it is different or push people to watch my used toiled paper as woman in US show used tampons or push people to see my diarrhea underpants I too suffer with heavy periods, sometimes I can be using the maximum size tampon and a long night time pad and just the action of standing up i completely flood everything and have to changed my clothes etc.

It's terribly embarrassing when it happens in a public place. I have the same problem. I am considering getting an implant to stop my periods. My haemoglobin is down to 2. That's cool. I don't like them either. They're annoying, painful, and give me the weirdest cravings ever. And I love it that immature males think their icky. I have a group of them at my work. If I don't want them bothering me, all I have to do is set a tampon box on my desk, and they keep a 10 ft radius.

10 Life Themes from “Present Over Perfect” by Shauna Niequist (Book Summary)

Not to mention all the times my friends and I kept ourselves entertained at school by throwing a tampon in the middle of a group of boys and watching their reactions. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions! There is no right answer on this topic. Yes periods are messy and have a bad stigmata that needs to change.

So I understand why someone would not like the concept. I personally like it from an art perspective. The main purpose of art is to create awareness and conversation.

The Best Mentor You Can Find is Up to You!

Do not beat around the bush. But this tomfoolery, having passed through a very expensive machine, is somehow ennobled and no one dares criticize it. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. If you don't, lucky you. The more you have, the more you are occupied.

But It seems futile and insulting to attack one persons opinion like we are discussing racism. Just because you're disgusted by your own body doesn't mean other women have to be. Yes periods may be gross in some aspects but that doesn't mean you have to be ashamed for having them. Don't put down other women for embracing their body. I don't know maybe in US people show each other poo and urine to brake the social norm? Yes it sucks.

Every month. Yes I use prevention methods. No, I have not managed to make it through a single period without any stains or blow-outs.


Can't wait for menopause. Funny how all these women respond to you not liking the stuff by giving us all the details of their vaginal issues?

Like, we get it and have empathy, but that is completely disconnected from wanting to see it or hear about it. It's not society conditioning us, maybe it's society "reverse conditioning" you all? It's a personal choice to be more conservative and not flaunt our bathroom details, or maybe it really does gross us out.

No one should judge the other for either position. I suffer from super heavy flow, usually going through a super plus an hour and still bleeding through. The cramps are horrific and I have ruined so many items of clothing. But you know what it's not? Because it's a normal function of the female body. But why they didn't use plumpy pplz? Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app. Please enter email address We will not spam you.

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Or when you meet a new friend who you think is just amazing? Imagine if you could feel thay way about yourself? Appreciating yourself is a wonderful way to strengthen your ability to express yourself authentically. For strategies on how to to develop this essential quality of genuine self-love, check out my article Peaceful Heart: 7 Powerful Steps to Cultivate True Inner Peace.

Focus on the beauty and originality that you bring to the world by being yourself.

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Celebrate the wonderful person you are, and forgive yourself lovingly for the areas where you think you fall short. We all are. Embrace your imperfection and celebrate everything about you! Mike Robbins suggests in his book Be Yourself, Everybody Else is Taken that being authentic includes the following elements:. It can go something like this. We had a good run. We just quietly seethed inside instead. Good times! Of being seen. Of being disliked. Of not being loved for who I am. Of not making my parents proud. I always thought you were looking out for me. But really, you were controlling me.

I was too scared to tell the difference.