The Commercialisation of Sport

Has The Commercialisation of Sport Gone Too Far?
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As most of sport is televised, this platform gives the sponsor a vast reach. Brand image transfer: Like brand awareness, the sponsor will use the sporting entity as a platform to enhance its own reputation.

Business or Pleasure: The Commercialisation of Sport

This is often done with brands who have been viewed negatively, they attempt to change this perception through sponsorship of an entity with a positive reputation. Demonstration platform: Some sponsors use sporting properties to test new products or services to demonstrate and promote themselves at an event.

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A prime example of this is in Formula1, with manufacturers whom sponsor such entities will be able to showcase their products in extreme environments. Thus, enabling them to improve them constantly.

Commercialization of Sports

Hospitality: This is utilised to establish long-term relationships, that are personal and face to face. This allows the creation of a social network of decision makers that is more relaxed and informal than a business meeting.


This type of hospitality usually takes place within stadiums and executive suites. This opportunity is highly sought after by major corporate brands.

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In doing this, sponsors seek to generate loyalty and in turn, gain the exclusive right to sell their product within a sporting stadium. For example, Coca-Cola being the official beverage of the Olympics. Therefore, only their products can be sold in and around the Olympic villages and stadiums.

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Four potential dangers of over-commercialising sport: Loss of fan equity: This sense of fan equity being lost has been touched upon in the earlier section of this article. This potential danger could lead to the loss of a long-term fanbase of a sporting entity because of the burden of increased costs is passed onto them through rising ticket and merchandise sales. Sponsor influence: A sponsor can have a major influence on sport, from tv broadcasters determining kick-off times, to athletes and teams being told to wear specific branded clothing.

Changes in sport: Sponsorship can change a sport to benefit their own needs over the consumers. In more recent times, the combination of global media coverage, huge sponsorship deals and more athletes training full-time means that some elite sports are a very lucrative business. Commercialism in sport is about making a profit from sport. This involves three main groups. Sport benefits from commercialism.

Commercialisation and sport

Increased revenue helps individual sportspeople and sports organisations to increase participation, improve performances and attract support. As technology becomes an increasingly important element of sport and sports compete with each other to engage participants and spectators, funding is even more crucial.

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This book represents an attempt to fill that significant gap in the literature by examining five different aspects of the commercialisation of sport: ¿ The sports. Free Essay: The Commercialisation of Sport The commercialisation of sport is not wholly beneficial as it has many disadvantages to it. Commercialisation is.

The media benefits from the commercialisation of sport. High profile sports stories help to attract audiences, listeners and readers. In turn, the media makes sure that sport keeps a high profile. Sponsors benefit from the commercialisation of sport.