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Configure SQL Server Service Broker for sending stored procedure data
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Work Distribution. Using Message Forwarding. Monitoring Message Forwarding. Configuration Notice Service. Implementing Dynamic Routing. Implementing the Configuration Notice Service. Using SQL Profiler. System Monitor. Creating Service Broker Objects. Retrieving Information. These applications were distributed across a wide range of platforms and written in a variety of languages, spanning Visual Basic to COBOL. There was no common object model or even a common programming language that was shared across these applications and the machines they ran upon. The applications were maintained by different administrators in unrelated departments with disparate business requirements.

SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) Readiness - Service Broker

In a few rare cases, applications that shared data were not even running at the same time. CORBA was, to say the least, irrelevant. Ironically, this dearth of vendor offerings empowered us to step back and question the status quo. Was object remoting really the best way to build distributed applications? Did the software vendors truly understand the nuances of building large-scale applications that spanned both trust and geographic boundaries? To find the answers to these questions, we studied the nature of existing large-scale systems both within and outside of the world of computing: the postal system, the airline industry, and the banking industry.

Without fail, we found systems that were very loosely coupled. The same was true of our business applications. Almost everywhere we looked we found applications that needed a framework to enable sharing data in asynchronous, autonomous ways vs. As a result of this research, we abandoned all object-remoting aspirations and began working with state-of-the-art queuing technologies such as MQSeries and the like in earnest, as they seemed the perfect fit for building loosely coupled applications.

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Unfortunately, our joy was short-lived as we discovered that state-of-the-art queuing forced developers to choose between reliable messaging that was slow and not-so-reliable messaging that was fast. In addition, the vast majority of our applications used a database in some fashion, and the close combination of queues with databases quickly left us wishing that our queues came with all the amenities that we had come to love in our database tables.

Why did the queuing system run under different transactions? What are three people for three months to you anyway? Queues should be backed up, failed over, and queryable just like relational tables. Message queuing is too hard. Make it simpler. In short, we met these goals and more. Whether your needs are just kicking off something to run in the background or processing more than 10, messages per second on a CPU machine, SQL Service Broker may add value to your applications.

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Pro SQL Server Service Broker (Expert's Voice) [Klaus Aschenbrenner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book explains why. Pro SQL Server Service Broker by Klaus Aschenbrenner, an international expert on Service Broker, explains why Microsoft introduced Service Broker and.

Yes, it really is that fast. Eat your heart out, MQSeries. SQL Service Broker is already being used in a variety of applications. Some people use it in localized ways—for example, to send messages for stored procedures to process later so that their web application can respond more quickly to browser-based clients. Still others use it to load data warehouses.

Finally, there are those who build modern, Service-Oriented Applications SOA that span thousands of branch offices and their back-end data centers. No vision of this size comes to pass without many individuals playing their part. Phase 1 was the work the Service Broker team did to build the product. Phase 2 consisted of the early adopters who had the insight not only to see the potential in the technology, but to help others see it as well. The book you now hold is the result of a lot of hard work from such an individual. Klaus is not only a visionary, but also an all-around nice guy.

It has been our pleasure to have him sit with us at lunch and co-present with us as at various conferences. He has become one of us, a partner in the vision that is Service Broker. Now all that is left is for you, the reader, to take the next step and actually build applications. Good luck!

Klaus has worked with the.

Introducing Distributed Messaging using Service Broker in SQL Server 2005

NET community. He currently travels around the world teaching clients the core concepts of SQL Server He is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for. Over the past ten years, he has written articles for Italian and international magazines and coauthored more than ten books on a variety of computer topics. Interestingly, my experience and success with SQL Server and especially with Service Broker also started in a train traveling between Vienna and Linz in the year It was amazing for me to read about the completely new concepts in Yukon, such as the integration of the.

Several months later I read this chapter completely, and then understood the basic concepts behind Service Broker. When I realized what scenarios one could use Service Broker for, I started thinking faster and faster.

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I also consulted for several clients around Europe on SQL Server and made many new contacts in the SQL Server community through the talks I gave at various developer conferences around the world. But in August , my life put me in another direction. I got an email from an acquisition editor at Apress, Jim Huddleston, who asked me if I would write a book about Service Broker.

And yes, I took this chance and worked out the original table of contents during the whole next weekend sorry about this, Karin. After I returned my proposal back to Jim, he was so crazy about the content that he just said I should start writing immediately. He accepted within a few hours, and my writing started immediately. This was the early beginnings in August of my book about Service Broker.

Since August , a lot of time has passed, and some good and bad things have occurred. I want to mention and thank the people around the whole world who helped me with their passion to put together this book on Service Broker. First of all, I want to thank my acquisition editor, Jim Huddleston, for his support and input on this great project.

With very great sadness, I found out that Jim passed away on a Sunday in February from a heart attack.

This was totally unexpected, because Jim was a healthy man. But Bob, I want to thank you for your great support, your comments, and your improvements on the first few chapters. I had a great time working with you.

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After Bob left as a technical reviewer, Apress was able to provide me with another technical reviewer within a few days: Fabio Claudio Ferracchiati. Fabio, thanks for your detailed and great technical reviews of each chapter.

Thanks for your help on this!