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Champlain's oceanic explorations included the West Indies and North America. His many talents included cartography, which he used to map in detail many places in North America.

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French explorer Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec and New France and mapped the Great Lakes. Learn more at waysenneukneb.tk Samuel de Champlain (French pronunciation: ​[samyɛl də ʃɑ̃plɛ̃]) (about August 13, Born into a family of mariners, Champlain began exploring North America in , under the guidance of his uncle, François Gravé Du Pont.

He also wrote books on his many land explorations. Champlain captained his own ship on his voyages, and had fought as a soldier under King Henry IV of France.

While exploring Canada , he befriended many Native American tribes, which ultimately helped him as he worked to build a new French colony the. He founded Quebec then "New France" , and continued to expand the colony by devoting the rest of his last years to improving its fortifications and adding more structures. At the same time, he also founded two more settlements in the area.

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Along the way, he founded Quebec City in , which is still thriving today. Champlain encountered many problems when he reached North America.

The native Indian tribes couldn't get along with each other there, and he was forced to choose allies. His other major concern was in finding a land route to China through North America. For this purpose, Champlain made numerous exploratory treks further into the inner Canadian territories, believing that somehow he would find such a passage eventually.

In defending Quebec against the English, he was once captured and brought to England. There, he lobbied to regain the colony from the English, a condition that had been stipulated in an earlier treaty before the surrender of Quebec.

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In , the colony was returned to France. Returning to Quebec New France in Canada after a brief stint back in Paris, Champlain continued to expand the colony that he had founded.

He also worked in maintaining friendly relations among the many Native tribes he came into contact with. However, on December 25th, , Champlain died after a severe stroke. He left most of his estate to his wife, Helene. Pages that link here: Samuel de Champlain Samuel de Champlain is the most popular and influential French explorer of all time.

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