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Cassius Dio's Roman History (18 vols.)
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In order to utilize all of the features of this web site, JavaScript must be enabled in your browser. While his accounts of pre-first-century-BC events draw heavily on myth and provide only summaries, his accounts of events also important in the study of the Greco-Roman world after the first century BC are unmatched for detail and depth of analysis.

Dio, a prominent political figure twice consul , observed firsthand many of the events he describes. He attempted to emulate the objectivity and reasoning of Thucydides in his writing. Although his close ties with political leadership and his own active participation in decision making clearly color his accounts, his persistent proximity with power players provides his writing with an unmatched element of political circumspection.

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This collection contains the complete texts in their Loeb Classical Library editions. Each volume is included in its original Greek, with an English translation for easy side-by-side comparison. Use the dictionary lookup tool to examine difficult Greek words and find every appearance of key words and phrases in the Roman History and other resources in your library.

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Jun 18, 5. War with the Volsci. Treason of Coriolanus: Rome saved by his mother and his wife. Internecine warfare between patricians and plebeians. An E-Book of Cassius Dio's 'Roman History, Vol. V' Acting Professor of Greek in Lehigh University. FIFTH VOLUME: Extant Books (A.D. ).

Cassius Dio was born in AD in Nicaea. Dio Cassius Cassius Dio , ca. He held high offices, becoming a close friend of several emperors.

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He was made governor of Pergamum and Smyrna; consul in ; proconsul of Africa; governor of Dalmatia and then of Pannonia; and consul again in See details. Buy It Now. Add to cart.

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Be the first to write a review About this product. On the death of his father Roman governor of Cilicia he went in to Rome, entered the Senate, and under the emperor Commodus was an advocate. The missing portions are partly supplied, for the earlier gaps by Zonaras, who relies closely on Dio, and for some later gaps Book 35 onwards by John Xiphilinus of the eleventh century. There are also many excerpts.

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The facilities for research afforded by Dio's official duties and his own industry make him a very vital source for Roman history of the last years of the republic and the first four emperors. Additional Product Features Table of Content.

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